The catch of a lifetime was made last week on the “Distraction” charter boat, fishing out of Orange Beach, Alabama. John Hatch of Navarre, Florida, his wife Kelly and his father-in-law were having a great day catching king mackerel and Spanish mackerelOrange Beach Fishing from Perdido Pass out to the Trolling Alley a few miles offshore, when suddenly the sky lit up with shades of neon blue and silver. A 3-foot long sailfish took a pink duster with a cigar minnow on the end of the hook and put on a show that will be remembered for a lifetime. “John was able to land the sailfish, we took pictures of it and then released it safely,” says Captain Troy Frady. “We’d already caught a limit of king mackerel for everyone onboard and about 20 Spanish mackerel. We also caught and release smaller-sized king mackerel and still had 1 hour remaining on our 4-hour charter trip.”

Sailfish may be one of the most-overlooked species of saltwater fish on Alabama’s Gulf Coast. However, during the fall of the year, sailfish and white marlin often come-in close to the beach chasing schools of bait. Right now, there’s a tremendous amount of baitfish inshore and offshore. So, the possibilities of catching marlin, sailfish and wahoo are far greater now than at any other time of the year. Also, because much of the Gulf of Mexico has been closed to fishing due to the oil spill in the spring, there have been very few, if any, anglers targeting these species all summer. Although a large number of anglers are expected to come to Alabama’s Gulf Coast for fall red-snapper season, which runs October 1 to 12:01 am on November 22, many anglers may overlook the potential of catching a billfish of a lifetime. Although you can catch and rOrange Beach charterselease red snapper throughout the fall, anglers only will be permitted to catch and keep red snapper on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays of red-snapper season. However, Spanish mackerel and king mackerel can be caught and kept during the entire fall season, and the advantage of fishing for these species is that often, you’ll be fishing the same waters where the sailfish, the marlin and the wahoo roam. An even-better option may be to fish near shore for Spanish mackerel and king mackerel and then move further offshore to fish for sailfish and marlin. If your dream of a lifetime is to catch a sailfish, a marlin or a wahoo, there never may be a better time to target these species than right now, nor a better place to catch them than off Alabama’s Gulf Coast.

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