Four-hundred-pound-plus blue marlin breach from the cobalt-blue waters off Alabama’s Gulf Coast and dance on their tails while engaging in a sword fight in the sky. You’ll find some of the best and most-exciting big-game fishing just off Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Anglers can catch blue marlin, white marlin, wahoo, dolphin, blackfin and yellowfin tuna, king mackerel and giant sharks when they leave the ports of Orange Beach and Fort Morgan and head out to the deep-water rigs and the Continental Shelf. Fast boats plow the Gulf of Mexico to get sport fishermen out to where the game fish feed. If this summer proves as dry as the last couple of summers, that deep cobalt-blue water will move fish in closer to shore to feed. From Orange Beach, you’ll only have a short run in a fast boat to the Continental Shelf and the deep-water rigs.

Take Charter Trips to the Deep Blue:
Daily charter boats from Orange Beach leave before first light, heading out to blue water. While mates rig-up baits, the captains scan the horizon for grass lines, deep-water wells and water-color changes. Baitfish congregate in these places where sport fish plan to have lunch. As you watch the baits skip along the surface, suddenly, the clip on the outrigger will snap, allowing the line to fall, the bait to go slack and the marlin to eat. White marlin and monster-sized blue marlin, often weighing 400 pounds or more roam the deep-water haunts off Alabama's Gulf Coast. Although you can catch plenty of fish on a 1-day trip, many parties choose overnight, 2-day trips to have more time fishing the blue water and spend less time running.

Remember T For Tuna:
If you're a sushi fan, you can't beat catching fresh tuna and preparing sushi as soon as you put the fish in the boat. Plenty of yellowfin and blackfin tuna wait for sport fishermen around many of the offshore rigs.  

Meet Mr. Jaws:
If you've always dreamed of tying up with a big tiger shark, having a hammerhead stretch your fishing line or battling a bull shark with a mouth full of saber-sharp teeth, you can find Jaws off Alabama's Gulf Coast. If you've watched shark fishermen on TV and have longed to test your angling skills against the strongest, the biggest, the toughest and the most-dangerous fish that swims, then try the Alabama Gulf Coast for a thrilling adventure.

Have a Cookout:
When you charter out of Orange Beach, many of the boats come equipped with the Big Green Egg, a ceramic grill built into the boat so sport fishermen can grill smoked sausage, bake biscuits for breakfast, put a Boston butt or a pork loin on for lunch and grill steaks, freshly-caught snapper or grouper for the run back to the dock. There's nothing like a big-game fishing trip with all the fun and the good eating of a backyard cookout.

If you dream of marlin dancing on their tails, dolphins every color of the rainbow flying through the air, striped wahoo streaking through the water to attack your bait or 30-pound king mackerel stretching your line, bending your rod and putting a monster-sized grin on your face, then your dream can come true at Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Consider a charter fishing trip to Alabama’s Gulf of Mexico this summer and fall. As we like to say in the South, “Y’all come. The fishing's fine, the water’s warm, and the food can't be beat!”