Crowds are gathering at the mouths of the rivers that feed Mobile Bay and Perdido Bay, and there’s about to be an all-out fight. “The menhaden and the shrimp are gathering-up iOrange Beach Fishingn the mouths of the rivers that lead into the bays,” says Captain Gary Davis of Tidewater Fishing Service in Foley, Ala. “And right in there with the baitfish and shrimp you’ll find plenty of slot redfish (redfish 16- to 26-inches long). You can use live shrimp, croakers or 4-inch chartreuse ice Fin-S soft-plastic lures to catch them. Although you’ll also find some small speckled trout mixed-in with these fish and bait, the bigger speckled trout won’t start moving-in until the weather gets colder than it is right now in early November. Too, some of the redfish already have begun swimming-up the rivers, where you can catch them around any type of structure – trees fallen in the water, stumps, logs or grass.”

As the redfish move into the rivers that feed the bays and swim-up them in later November, Captain Davis explains that the easiest way to locate and catch them is to pretend you’re bass fishing. “Any type of bank cover or underwater cover that you normally will cast a bass lure to, that’s where you want to fish for redfish in the rivers. Redfish in the rivers in November act just like bass. They look for ambush spots to attack the shrimp and the baitfish. Although you’ll notice some ofOrange Beach fishing the reds already up in the rivers here at the beginning of November, the majority of them are still ganged-up at the mouths of Fish River, Miflin Creek, Soldier’s Creek and the numerous other rivers and creeks that feed the bays on Alabama’s Gulf Coast.”

However, to catch trophy-sized redfish, the big bulls that weigh 15-35 pounds, you can’t beat Dixey Bar at Fort Morgan on Mobile Bay. Dixey Bar historically has been one of the best bull redfishing spots in the nation. A sandbar there drops-off from 6- to 8-feet deep into 30- to 40-foot-deep water at the mouth of Mobile Bay. As the tide goes in and out, it’s constantly bringing baitfish to Dixey Bar. Some days anglers will locate the redfish on top of the bar, and other days the reds will be holding on the lip of the break. If the redfish aren’t in those two spots, then fish the channel.

Captain Davis names the point of the bar coming out from Fort Morgan as his favorite place to fish in November. “While you’re at Fort Morgan, take a bucket of bull minnows with you, or, you can fish with live shrimp. You’ll go home with a cooler full of flounder that are holding just off the rocks (riprap) from the point of the island on into the bay. You’ll also find productive flounder fishing on the gas rigs out in Mobile Bay. Because the legs of those gas rigs have been enhanced with riprap, plenty of flounder stay there also. Although you can Orange Beach Fishingcatch those flounder on jigs, I’ve learned that live shrimp or live bull minnows, or even live small croakers, all can be good baits. You should easily be able to get a limit of flounder almost any morning fishing these areas.”

Another spot that’s been hot the first week in November is where the Intercoastal Canal dumps into Mobile Bay. The riprap at the mouth of the Canal holds flounder and redfish in November. Some of the bigger speckled trout this week have come from Little Lagoon in Gulf Shores, Ala. The new boat ramp at Little Lagoon makes accessing this area much easier for more fishermen. Live shrimp, live croakers and artificial plastic baits have been producing well on trout in that region, weighing from 2-6 pounds. The bigger trout are being taken on live bait.

We’ve also had a report this week of good numbers of speckled trout being caught just off the sandbar where Little Lagoon dumps into the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll have to wade-out to reach the edge of that sandbar. The water is somewhat cooler in November, so be sure you take a quality pair of waders with you and wear some type of life preserver. Personally, I like the SOSpenders, available at most sporting-good dealers. This life preserver doesn’t interfere with your ability to cast, and if you get in trouble by stumbling, stepping off into a hole and/or getting knocked down by a wave, then all you have to do is pull a cord. The suspenders will inflate and keep your head above water, which can be a comforting thoughOrange Beach Fishingt if a rogue wave comes in and fills-up your waders.

Many sections of Mobile and Perdido bays as well as at the mouths of the coastal rivers have experienced a tremendous inshore bite the first week in November. For information on inshore captains, go to Don’t forget we have a few more good weekends left in red snapper season. If you don’t have a mess of red snapper, triggerfish, vermilion snapper and white snapper for a fish fry or your freezer, now’s the time to come to Orange Beach and catch some of those hard-fighting, delicious-eating offshore fish.