Editor’s Note: Captain Johnny Greene of the charter boat “Intimidator,” based out of Orange Beach Marina, has been fishing Alabama’s Gulf Coast for more than 35 years. This week, Greene gives us an overview of what you can expect to catch if you come-down this week and go offshore.

Fishing has been fantastic offshore, inshore and all the waters in-between. The 4-hour trips have been popular with many of our visitors, because the Spanish mackerel are near shore now, and the king mackerel also have been caught so close to shore, that the trips are much-more economical now than in days gone-by. The 8- and 10-hour trips have produced big numbers of amberjacks with 30 to 50 amberjacks caught. But, the season for amberjacks goes out May 31 and reopens in August. On the longer, overnight trips, we’ve caught numbers of yellowfin tuna weighing 40 to 50 pounds, and on other trips, we’ve caught tunOrange Beach fishinga weighing 100 to 160 pounds. The water’s been clear offshore, so there’s been quite a few wahoos caught, with several wahoos weighing 70 pounds or more. The dolphin (mahi mahi) haven’t shown-up in large numbers yet, but we expect to start catching them any day now. For the anglers who want to catch and release Jaws offshore, we’ve had sharks come-up and eat 50- and 60-pound tuna. I don’t really know what types of sharks these are, but I do know they’re big ones, and there are lots of them.

With red snapper season starting in about a week, if the weather holds-up as good as it has been, we honestly can say that snapper fishing will be better this year than it was last year. Now, I know that we say that every year, but there’s two reasons this statement is true. Because of the regulations imposed by the National Marine Fisheries Service, each year, we have more red snapper than we’ve had the previous year. Because of the size limit of snapper that anglers can catch each year, we continue to catch bigger and bigger red snapper. There are a lot of red snapper off Alabama’s Gulf Coast right now that are big and hungry. The good news is there’s snapper from near-shore all the way out to really-deep water. So, we’re expecting a tremendous red snapper season during that 40-day season. You’ll see many really-big red snapper being caught on the 4-hour trips. We don’t have a whole lot of really-long snapper trips booked, like we’ve had in the past. I think the longest trip that I have booked during snapOrange Beach chartersper season, is an 8-hour trip. Most people are opting for 4-hour trips, where they can catch numbers of snapper, take the snapper they’ve caught to a restaurant and have the snapper cooked for dinner. Many people are fishing only in the afternoons, especially if they have young children, or if they’re driving into town one day and want to fish the next day.

Too, we’ve been catching some really-nice scamp grouper, while fishing for vermilion snapper. This year we seem to have the biggest crop of vermilion snapper that I’ve seen in years. We’ve been catching 2- to 6-pound vermilion snapper with a good number of scamp mixed-in with them. We’ve really moved into our summer pattern of excellent fishing for all species. With snapper season starting the first of June, we expect to have great fishing at Alabama’s Gulf Coast from now to Christmas.

To see video of the sharks that we saw last week offshoOrange Beach fishingre, click http://youtu.be/DP1EBrWHOdM.

To contact Captain Johnny Greene, call him at (251) 747-2872, email intimidatorcharters@yahoo.com, or go to www.fishorangebeach.com.

Ted Suttle’s Smoked King Mackerel Dip

Ted Suttle brought out some smoked king mackerel dip that had anglers on the pier lined-up with crackers in hand.

8 cups broken-up smoked king mackerel
8 ounces cream cheese, softened
1/3-cup sour cream
1/3-cup mayonnaise
1/2-medium onion
8 ounces of jalapeno
2 green onions
1 bundle of celery
1/2-teaspoon cayenne pepper

Put all ingredients on a food processor and enjoy! (Note: Suttle puts mustard and blackened seasoning on skinless king mackerel fillets and smokes then in a Smokehouse Little Chief smoker for about 3 hours with hickory chips. Spray the grill with Pam to keep the fillets from sticking.)