Ready to wet a line? Grab your lucky fishing hat and the sun block to prepare for a thrilling fishing season along the Alabama Gulf Coast. John Phillip’s popular blog will return next week, and we wish to bring you up to speed on a few changes. Seeking to meet your requests and to grow alongside our changing recreational fishing industry, the blog’s content will now speak to both the seasoned angler and those who are thinking about baiting a hook for the first time. Also, the blog will move away from the immediacy of what fish are biting at the moment and will include more tips and insider information that will enable us to become a more useful fishing resource as you are planning your fishing experience.

During the year, you will have two opportunities to share your feedback via surveys that will be posted on this page. Should you wish to share your thoughts before that time, please email

Thank you for being hooked on fishing the waters of the Orange Beach area.