Editor’s Note: Captain Patrick Ivie of the “Intruder,” docked at Zeke’s Marina in Orange Beach, Alabama, guides and fishes oil rigs and other offshore areas for grouper, vermilion snapper, white marlin, tuna, king mackerel, sailfish and much more. Ivie will tell us what to expect to catch offshore in November.

Question: Patrick, what will you be catching this month?
Ivie: The length of the trip determines what kind of fish we catch, and how many we catch. On a 4- to a 6-hour trip, we’ll catch a lot of fish, including vermilion snapper, white snapper, king mackerel and triggerfish, but most of the fish will be red snapper, which we have to throw back. If you take an 8-hour trip, we usually can find these same species along with triggerfish and grouper. On a 10-hour trip, we can catch all these species as well as amberjacks. If you take an overnight fishing trip, we can catch white marlin, wahoo, sailfish and tuna, which is really-good fishing on the offshore rigs. On the longer trips, we’ll catch numbers of scamp, grouper and triggerfish, which have been our primary targets since the end of red-snapper season.

The fishing during November is productive because school has started back, cooler weather is moving into the area, fishing pressure is lighter, the fish will be biting more readily, and the grouper, the scamp and the triggerfish bite will be much better than earlier. At this time of year, I expect our anglers to really do well on these species. Our best times to fish offshore down here are in the early spring and during the fall and the winter. If the weather’s good, we usually can have really-productive fishing trips in November.

Question: What two trips are the most popular right now?
Ivie: We mainly have three trips people like to take: our 12-hour blue-water trip when we run to the Elbow and the Nipple to fish for white marlin, blue marlin, sailfish, wahoo, dolphin and tuna; our 12-hour bottom-fishing trip where we fish for grouper, white snapper, vermilion snapper, scamp and triggerfish; or, for the really-serious bill fishermen and tuna fishermen, an 18-hour trip or a 2-day trip, which usually provid
es the most and the biggest fish for them. On our 12-hour bottom-fishing trips, we determine which species is biting best and then target that species. We’ve had a really-productive bill fishing season this year, but the best bill fishing actually is 100-miles offshore. The tuna fishing is really good right now, with the tuna weighing from 60- to 100-pounds each, but you need an 18-hour or a 2-day trip to reach them. If we get the right weather, we can have slick seas this month. Come on down, and fish with us because the sun’s not too hot, and the fishing’s really good.

For more information on fishing on the “Intruder” with Captain Patrick Ivie, go to www.chartertheintruder.com, email intruder@gulftel.com or call 251-747-1847.