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101 Things to Do at the Beach

What to Do on Some of the Best Beaches in the World...
You've heard of the book "1000 Places to See Before You Die." Along Alabama's Gulf Coast, we have our own unique list of "must try" things to do submitted by our visitors, and we're making it available to everyone. (As if you really need to know what to do on some of the best beaches in the world!) We want to hear about your favorite things to do on and around the beautiful white sand beaches of Gulf Shores/Orange Beach. Vote for any of the favorites shown here or submit a new favorite of your own. You can even send us pictures of you or your family doing your favorite thing on your most recent visit to Alabama's beautiful white sand beaches.

1.  Having our family's portraits made by The Picture Man!

2.  Watch the magnificent Gulf Coast sunrise and sunset.

3.  Hunt crabs on the beach at night.

4.  Get married on the beach.

5.  Going to LuLu's! Although the wait is long, the food is great!

6.  Soar with the Blue Angels at the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola.

7.  Dream about the day when we can move to the beach and never have to leave!

8.  Sit in a low beach chair at the water’s edge and have the waves crash over you.

9.  Walk in the rain on the beach.

10.  Gazing at a full moon over the water for hours, amazed at how incredibly vast the sky is!


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We were having so much fun coming up with our 101 things, we decided to stop and give you a chance to join in. Got something that's a "must try" Gulf Shores/Orange Beach activity? Something you have to eat, or see or do every time you're here? Send us your favorites and we may add them to our list.