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“Sally Ride – America’s First Woman Astronaut”

by Annie Laura Smith
The morning of June 18, 1983, was an important date for women. On that day, Sally Ride became the first American woman to fly in space. At age 32, she was also the youngest to orbit the Earth. This historic flight took Sally and four men on a six-day trip in the space shuttle Challenger. Purchase

“Neil Armstrong – First Man on the Moon”

by Annie Laura Smith
Neil Armstrong, astronaut, adventurer, educator, and engineer, who on July 21, 1969 became the first person to step onto the surface of the moon. Pushed by the flaming coat-tails of the Saturn V rocket, the earth's most powerful engine, Armstrong and his crew in the Command Module Columbia rode beyond the earth's gravitational pull. Buzz Aldrin accompanied Armstrong to the lunar surface in the Lunar Module Eagle while Michael Collins remained behind in Columbia to wait for the return of the soon-to-be moon-walkers. Purchase

“Dr. Bob Shipp’s Guide to Fishes of the Gulf of Mexico”

by Dr. Bob Shipp
A fish is a fish is a … fabulous book of scientific facts about fishes of the Gulf of Mexico. Seasoned with a pinch of wit and a taste of everything from the mundane to the extraordinary, Dr. Bob Shipp’s Guide to Fishes of the Gulf of Mexico is written to satisfy the amateur enthusiast and the sophisticated savant alike. Purchase