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Short Stories

“Tales from Margaritaville”

by Jimmy Buffett
Margaritaville may not appear on a map, but it does exist--at least in the brilliantly creative, sometimes slightly skewed imagination of Jimmy Buffett. Tales from Margaritaville is a collection of short stories (some purely fiction, some based in truth) so vividly packed with restless dreamers, wild wanderers, and pure gypsy souls that just reading it is a wild adventure. Purchase

“Hollers from the Hollows”

by Greg Starnes
DeKalb County, Alabama - A place of natural beauty, country music, and Southern living. It elicits wonder, yearning and attraction...even from Ghosts. Author Greg Starnes knew this from the lively stories he heard from residents of Fort Payne and the surrounding area. Though all ghost stories have an air of goose-bumping chilliness, Greg understood that not all ghost stories are creepy. Those he heard were also amusing and drawn with heart-warming tenderness. So he went back to those Southern storytellers for more detail and collaboration and the result is Hollers from the Hollows. Purchase

“Tongues of Flame”

by Mary Ward Brown (2002 winner of the Harper Lee Award)
Mary Ward Brown is a storyteller in the tradition of such powerful 20th-century writers as William Faulkner, Harper Lee, Flannery O'Connor, and Eudora Welty-writers who have explored and dramatized the tension between the inherited social structure of the South and its contemporary dissolution. With Tongues of Flame, her first collection of short stories, Brown bares the awkward, sometimes hopeful, and often tragic suffering of people caught in changing times within a timeless setting. Purchase