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This Place is For the Birds

Alabama BirdingAlabama Coastal Birding Pelicans nose-dive into the Gulf of Mexico for the catch-of-the-day while sea gulls perch on the sand waiting for an easy meal. A great blue heron stands in the water, delicately picking its way across the sand. The Alabama Coastal Birding Trail (ACBT) is a bird watcher’s paradise. Our sun-drenched coast is a popular resort area for a variety of feathered visitors and year-round residents. 

The ACBT winds through more than 50 birding sites in Baldwin and Mobile counties, and is enhanced by directional and interpretive signage. Loops are close enough that you can easily drive from one to another. Take your time and do a different loop each morning or tackle three in a day. In between each are plenty of places to eat, sightsee and soak in the local Gulf Shores & Orange Beach flavor.

Experts and novices alike will find the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail Guidebook to be a great resource. This 52-page booklet is full of color photographs, maps and detailed descriptions of the many birding areas along Alabama’s Gulf Coast. It can be ordered here or downloaded at

Grab your binoculars and your guidebook and hit the trail to discover why this place is for the birds.