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Can I bring my pets to the beach?

What's the difference between the Alabama Gulf Coast CVB and the Alabama Gulf Coast Area Chamber of Commerce?

Help! I need suggestions on what to do in the area?

How long is the Gulf State Park Pier?

Where can I find information on our sea turtles?

Can I get married on the beach?

Where can I fish if I don’t have a boat?

Where are the bike paths?

Where can I get a great deal on lodging?

What can a history buff do in the area?

What if I don’t want to stay in a condominium?

What are the future Mardi Gras dates?

Where can I find a map of the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail?

Where can I find some cool downloads?

How do I stay up-to-date on all the latest news on the AL Gulf Coast?

What do the colored flags flying at the beach mean?

What is the ferry’s schedule and rate?

Where exactly is the Alabama Gulf Coast?

This year-round value destination is located on the northern Gulf of Mexico between Pensacola, Florida (which is 30 minutes to the east) and Mobile, Alabama (which is 90 minutes to the northwest). Our Pleasure Island is truly an island separated on the north side by the Intracoastal Waterway and on the west side by Mobile Bay. Dauphin Island is a short ferry ride away. Also, our slice of Alabama tourism attracts many visitors from the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast, such Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette, LA, and Biloxi, MS. In addition to these guests, our Orange Beach and Gulf Shores vacation rentals are only a few hours from Panama City Beach Florida and other locations along the Emerald Coast. For more directions, see our Alabama map page.

Does the area have a zoo?

Can I still go to the beach?

What should I do if I see oil or tar balls on the beach?

Can I go fishing?

Are there any local environmental groups accepting donations?